The Association of Oregon Archaeologists (AOA)

The AOA promotes scientific research, protection, and education about archaeological resources and cultural heritage of Oregon.

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The Association of Oregon Archaeologists is a nonprofit organization composed of professional and avocational archaeologists. AOA supports legislative monitoring, increases public awareness of cultural resources, provides financial support for research, and disseminates information through conferences, publications, and the quarterly newsletter Current Archaeological Happenings in Oregon.

Membership in the AOA is open to professionals and laypersons who share a concern for archaeological resources in Oregon.

Memberships are for the calendar year; January 1 - December 31st

 There are of three types of membership:

1. Regular membership: open to any professional or amateur archaeologist, or other interested citizen;
2. Student membership: open to any undergraduate or graduate student of an accredited institution who provides documentation of current enrollment at the time of application; and
3. Institutional membership: open to libraries, universities, museums, and federal, state and local agencies.

All members in good standing receive the newsletter, Current Archaeological Happenings in Oregon (CAHO), vote during meetings, and are eligible to hold positions on the Executive Board. Members also receive a discounted price on the AOA’s Occasional Paper Series.

Join us for AOA's Fall 2014 Meeting!
University of Oregon
Museum of Natural and Cultural History
Eugene, Oregon
November 8, 2014

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It's Here!

Oregon Archaeology Celebration
October 2014

It happened 14,400 years ago

This year's poster highlights the archaeology of Paisley Caves in south-central Oregon.  Human coprolites with intact DNA date to as early as 14,400 years ago.  The quantity of dated coprolites, the depth and archaeological context which they were found support Paisley Caves as arguably the earliest well-documented human occupation in North America.

Click on the attached Poster and Year-round Calendar of Events for more information.

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